Hiatus on Livejournal

i have decide I'm going to be boycotting livejournal for the next month or so. I will probably still come on here and comment on some friends entries but i won't be doing picture updates or anything big. I am also deleting my Photobucket so i won't have anymore pictures on here from previous entries. No one you ever comment anymore, besides Jackie, and I talk to her in real-life. haha. I love you all though. If you want you can add me on myspace if you havn't already which is here. Bye guys♥

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I have recently became addicted to Mario Party 6.

no matter how horrible i may be at this game i still play it every day.


too bad my mario party hates me... it just called me lame=(


P.s. Jacky is sleeping here tonight:) hurrayyy